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(305)Web-Job-Net a Network of Jobs on the Web

(305)932-5626 a Network of Jobs on the Web


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Web Job Net a Network of Jobs on the Web—Mirrored at http://www.CDRWU.com  (the Compact Disk Read Write University Web Site) for streaming lectures over the web and on CDRW.

Whether you are a freelancer looking for work, a company with projects to fill, or a talented individual seeking partners, (305) Web-Job-Net has free services that can help you on your way.


Mission Statement:        "To provide companies with access to a global network of individuals who are skilled in technology and available for work on a freelance or per-project basis. To provide freelancers with a community environment that allows them the freedom to display their skills in a personal way, and gives them the support they need to enable their freelance lifestyle."


Service Offering:             (305) Web-Job-Net provides a feature rich space for employers and freelancers to find one another. Freelancers can post detailed profiles and answer interview questions, while employers are given a powerful job posting tool. Once the right match is found, contact can be made by simple email. We are able to offer a very low cost to employers because we allow them to make their own judgments about the profiles they view, and the responses they receive. Please see the Benefits page for more information on our freelancer and employer service offerings.


Advertising:       (305) Web-Job-Net offers targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Please contact us at advertise@WebJobNet.com for more information.



Other Inquiries: Please address all other inquiries using the information provided on our contact us page.


In the ever changing technology market, more and more individuals and companies are choosing to work on a project basis. Our services aim to create a marketplace where users can choose how to best represent their jobs and skills for the purpose of matching projects with talent and to make lasting connections. We will be constantly adapting, to make WebJobNet.com the best freelance and partner marketplace on the web.                     


              For EMPLOYERS       

•           Low cost way to find talented technology resources all over the world.

•           Easily manage your jobs in real-time.

•           Add a list of your jobs to your company's website.

•           Use our search technology to pinpoint those freelancers that best fit your project needs.

•           Anonymous email system protects against unwanted emails and spam.

•           Currently free. Cancel at any time.


              For PROVIDERS        

•           Designed especially for technology freelancers.

•           Easy to sign up, easy to use, and completely free!

•           Search for jobs, projects and partners or just create a profile and let other members find you.

•           Use the (305) Web-Job-Net forums to get your technology and freelancing questions answered quickly.

•           Anonymous email system protects against unwanted emails and spam.





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            Welcome to WebJobNet.com!

Within this site you are able to conduct searches for jobs by category and geography, recruiting organizations, and headhunter. Job search resources include job search helps, resume aids, salary information, and much, much more.

Employers also have the opportunity to include their information on these pages free of charge. Please e-mail Career Services and be sure to identify the name of the organization and give a short description of the company and its primary focus - no molt-level marketing organizations will be posted.


Headhunters may also have their website posted in WebJobNet.com's Headhunter Resource Center free of charge. Please e-mail Career Services and be sure to identify the name of the organization and give a short description of the company and its primary focus.

DISCLAIMER: No claim is made on the reliability of information available on any of the lists available through the WebJobNet.com system. The WebJobNet.com neither endorses nor recommends the use of any of the services which may be listed through the WebJobNet.com system. The inclusion of the various services available through the WebJobNet.com system merely indicates their availability on the Internet and their relevance to the scope of career/employment resources.

"A world of opportunity for you . . . Career Web"

Career Services is a Department within the Division of Student Services.


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